Wallpapering is a true art form, and a unique aspect of any commercial or residential interior design. We offer a complete wallpapering service in Wellington, carried out by our master painters.

Our Wallpapering Service

At ZR Decorating, we provide an extensive wallpapering service to help you with your wallpaper needs in your residential or commercial property. Right from the get-go, we’ll be able to help with wallpaper tips and advice, including expert colour and pattern recommendations from professionals who care about the quality of your end-product. You can expect excellent workmanship from our team while installing your wallpaper NZ wide. We have all the tools needed to complete your wallpaper installation quickly and efficiently, and you can count on us to make sure the job gets done to a top-notch standard. Whether you’ve got tricky corners or the highest of ceilings, no job is too difficult for us. We take each new project as a new and exciting challenge. Finally, if you need touch-ups on an existing wallpaper job, you can call on us. We understand not all renovations require a completely fresh approach. If you love what your interior looks like already and just want it to look good as new again, our wallpaper touch-up service offers you just that.

Why Choose Wallpaper?

Wallpaper can be an excellent option for a number of reasons. For commercial applications, wallpaper is a hard-wearing wall covering that, once installed, can give you years of a fresh interior look. For those who want to stand out, wallpaper is the perfect feature wall for any room of the house. Wallpaper can transform the interior of any NZ home or property, and is an exciting opportunity to do something new and unique. Wallpaper comes in a variation of materials and qualities. At ZR decorations, we’ll only recommend you the highest quality wallpapers. From there you have the option to choose not only patterns and colours, but also the type of finish—matte, vinyl, metallic, even textured wallpapers. With wallpaper, your opportunities are endless.

Hire a Master Painter for Your Next Wallpapering Job

Hiring a master painter from ZR Decorators ensures that your job will be done to the highest standard, with excellent customer service the whole way through. Let our expertise guide your next interior design project and chat to us about our wallpaper offerings today.

Why hire a Master Painter from ZR Decorating?

Master Painter Site Sfe
  • Master Painters provide quality workmanship and professional painting services
  • Master Painter members use qualified trade painters with proven track records
  • Master Painters provide professional advice and support if you need it
  • Your painter will carry out the work in a professional manner
  • Your painter will, to the best of their ability, adhere to current environmental requirements
  • Your painter will abide by the Association’s code of conduct
  • Master Painters really care about customer satisfaction and the end result